I'm Taking Back All The Nice Things I Said About Spring

Ladies and gents, it's another Baby Bottle Scandal! Yet another reason to breastfeed.

What happened to Spring, huh? All the pretty flowers are being battered by howling wind and yucky rain, do you call that planning? Who's in charge here?

And over on GNM Parents,I'm contemplating my nose hair, because we're all about quality writing around here.

In other news, I have been staying up way too late playing with Microsoft's Small Business and Publisher package. I was lucky: When Dell replaced my motherboard, Microsoft thought I was a new user, and I got a free trial and then 50% off. So I am happy. I love Publisher, it makes the Newsletter I'm producing for the NCT easily do-able. These programs work for me.

Outlook Express, however, is giving me wrinkles, cellulite and high blood pressure. I need to get it all set up before I can send mass emails to advertisers and such, and my pop is not popping, or something. Never fear, I will figure it all out! Once it's set up, it promises to revolutionize the way I email. Considering how technologically unaware I am, I'm lucky I haven't melted something.

We'll have a full house this weekend, and MUCH CHOCOLATE! I hope your weekend is as good, and your chocolate as plentiful.


Audubon Ron said…
Not an Outlook Express fan. Just Outlook, and the last time I used OE, it did not interface with other things, like Outlook. Maybe they fixed that.

I have a feeling we will trace the rising numbers of Autism and ADHD to plastics.
HalfAsstic.com said…
That has to be the nicest closing I have seen in a long time. "I hope your weekend is as good, and your chocolate as plentiful.".
Love that!
Anonymous said…
Just snuck the Easter chocolates in the shopping cart while G wasn't looking this morning. SNEAKY me!
Good luck learning your new software. I cringe at the idea!