My Kinda Summer Camp

Suddenly, I'm getting emails and flyers through the door: Best Summer Camp Around! Sign Up Now! Limited Spaces!

There are Summer Camps for Sports, Crafts, Maths Enrichment, Turning Your Child Into A Genius, Guaranteeing University Placement, and Providing Lifelong Wealth And Happiness, and some for just for Keeping The Kids Out Of Your Hair for the Holidays (these are cheaper). I know parents who CANNOT BEAR the thought of having the kids underfoot for the whole summer and they are feverishly signing everyone up for Camp, ANY Camp!

We've only ever done Sailing Camp, because they love Sailing, and, um, I really don't mind having the kids (ANY kids)  home for the Holidays. It's cheap. We make a lot of mess, lie on the floor, argue, and read mountains of books. We go to the beach, and camping. We take in cousins and friends. We like it that way.

Any anyway, so far I've never found the Exactly Right Camp for my kids' specific needs. What I'd really like, and would pay good money for, is a Don't Interrupt Mum When She Is Having A Grownup Conversation Camp. With a course in  Remember To Hand In Your Homework and remedial Picking Up The Lego.

Baking and crafts I can deal with: It's just making mess with style, anyway. We're awesome at that around here. So I'm holding out until I get that flyer through the door: "Sign up now!" it will announce, "Intensive classes in short-term memory skills! By the end of our camp, your kid will remember what you just said! Additional course in interruption procedure: 'Is Anyone Bleeding?' and remedial Picking Up The Lego and Socks!"

If I'm really lucky, there will be a Parental Camp at the same time, where Mums and Dads can join Massage Classes. With optional Spa.

When those flyers arrive, I'll be sure to let you know.


I enjoyed that!
I'm with you (or I used to be back when my daughter was a girl)! I was jealous of our time together as a family in the summer- for us, a LOT of hiking in the mountains or frolicking at the beach. What great memories we made. How sweet they are now.
Anonymous said…
What throws me is how parents schedule all these different camps--so their kids are gone almost the whole summer.
In my book, summer is for being more lazy than busy.
Nan Sheppard said…
Two weeks of Sailing Camp is MORE than enough for us! Laziness is the order of the day for summer. said…
Oh! And don't you dare leave me out! I am excited about the thought of sending my 19 and 20 year old! That's right! 19 and 20!
Anonymous said…
You're my kind of parent. I love school vacations. I sleep in as late as anyone, and we all just hang out and relax together. BUT I would sign up for your summer camp in a heartbeat! :) Great post!
aclare said…
Hey can husbands who leave socks lying around join too?? =P