Tiny Cousins Visit

My cousin's wife Joanna is here this weekend, with her two toddlers. They are so sweet! They are so bright! And oh, how I feel for their lovely, tired mama!

A while back I wrote about how nice it is to hang out with other people's babies now that my own are big and reasonably self-sufficient. I really enjoy these little ones! We went to swim in an indoor pool today, and Oscar and I kicked our legs and blew bubbles and he was just squealing with joy and delight! The look of nervous apprehension when he was lowered into the water lasted for one second, and then he swam "LOOK AT ME SWIMMING! CAN YOU SEE ME KICKING?" for an hour. Oscar said "Don't let me go", and I told him "I will not let you go, unless you say it's okay." Five minutes later, we were practising letting go, floating for just one terrifying second with only his armbands holding him up. He's such a brave boy.

The big boys swam laps and enjoyed being weightless... we haven't swum in months!

Everyone's going to sleep really, really well tonight!


Anonymous said…
that's how we feel with our neighbor's 2 year old--she is a joy and total ball of energy! reminds us how glad we are that D got 'fixed.'
aclare said…
We've been married for 2 months now and already his Mum and Dad are asking after grandchildren and putting plans in place to receive them!!

No pressure then!.... Although I must say it is great to have such a wonderful amount of support.

And secretly, I must admit I am actually looking forward to it. Which surprises the younger part of me!
HalfAsstic.com said…
That? is one of the best things about swimming. You sleep soooo soundly afterward!
Pool Haiku ?

Swimming was such fun
paddle bubble kick splish splash
we'll sleep like bullets