Today Was A Spa Day


Today began at 8.30 when I pulled the door shut, thinking "Do I have my keys? Uh-oh..." *CLICK*

No, WAIT! Today began at 6.42, when I thought "We have no breeeeaaaaad!" But that is such a minor crisis in the general scheme of the day that we can ignore it.

OR, my day started when I stayed up too late the night before, working on a newsletter layout and playing with Microsoft Publisher, and then I had a dream where Margo phoned and said "I'm lost!" so I had to find her... and then I woke up and couldn't sleep. I didn't even realise I was worrying about my Grandmother, see how useful dreams are?

At 8.30, I walked out of the house without my coat, because I go to Max's class to read, and hanging up a coat in all the drama of the first two minutes of school is just one more thing... and it wasn't very cold this morning. Hoodie weather. Spring is coming.

My keys were in my coat pocket of course.

No problem, I thought. Life will go on. I just won't be able to pop home after school and get my coat, is all. I went to Margo's straight from school instead, and she continued to tell me the story of her life. It's so interesting to learn about my Grandmother's life in such detail! Margo was a Cobbe, which is an unusual surname, and they weren't a huge family. One of these days I should look up the Cobbes online.

While I was there, Sharon texted to say that her doggie, Frodo, has passed away... he had been unwell, poor feller. A sweet dog. I haven't told the kids yet, as it's been all systems go. They will be sad.

And then, my friend Cherise came to my rescue and took me to lunch, (which was very nice!) until it was time for everyone to come home from school. Chas has keys and let us all in. See? No disaster.

The whole neighbourhood seems to end up here after school, which I actually love, because I like to know what the kids are into. (Lego, it seems. And apparently we've got the best Lego in town) I put the kids out early though. "GO HOME!" And prepared myself for that "Aaaaah, it's Friday" feeling and Five Minute's Peace. I filled a bath, with bubbles and candles and all, but I didn't lock the door because if someone HAS to go, I don't want to have to get up to let them in. And the boys charged in several times: "Mum! MUM! You have to SEE this!"
"She's ignoring us."

My relaxing bath was having the opposite effect. Grrrr.

Then they had a wild game loudly all over the house, which ended in them locking themselves out of their room. There is no key for that one. Sigh.

So I hauled myself out of the bath, tried to pick the lock, and called a locksmith. Sir Locksalot the Gallant came to our rescue, and the boys shared the bill. (What, you thought *I* would be paying for their silliness? After they un-spa'ed my bathtime? I DON'T think so) The boys then took turns in my bath water, because it's a shame to waste a full hot bath.

Cherise says that this means "New Doors Will Open For You".

But what about my bath?


aclare said…
I am more worried about them locking themselves in than out!!...

I forgot my keys once when it was SNOWING heavily!! Fortunately the next door neighbour came to my rescue and give me a refuge until my husband came home!
Nan Sheppard said…
Our neighbours came to our rescue too, till Chas came home! said…
Oh, honey! I am calling a "Redo" on that bath! You deserve it!
And you need to go to the hardware store and get copies made of keys. That can never happen again.
Anonymous said…
ACK! What a day. I'd have been so ticked off, too!