Books of the Moment

'Skulduggery Pleasant', Sam's Review: "Skulduggery is a dead magician who was killed during a war against evil. He came back as a skeleton. He has powers over fire, water and wind. This book is really good. I'm attached to it."

I'll say. He's attached to it like glue.

The heroine of the story is a girl, Stephanie, who meets Skulduggery after the death of her beloved uncle. Stephanie is a wonderful character, strong, resourceful and believable. I'm longing to know how the story ends!

'The Wee Free Men' is one of Terry Pratchett's books for kids. Ahhh, Terry Pratchett, one of my favourite authors of all time! If it weren't for Terry Pratchett, I may not ever have recovered from the death of Douglas Adams. Sean and I both love Terry Pratchett's grownup books. He's laugh-till-your-sides-ache funny.

Tiffany Aching is a witch; she just doesn't know it yet. With the help of some pictsies, thrown out of Fairyland for drunk and disorderly behaviour, she defeats the Fairy Queen, rescues the young Baron, and discovers a new appreciation for her baby brother.

This book is also available in an illustrated version, which I would love to see!

'Skulduggery Pleasant' and 'The Wee Free Men' are both firsts in their series. I sense a whole lotta reading coming on, in this household.


Unknown said…
I often find I enjoy these 'kids' books myself. I may have to check them out.
Nan Sheppard said…
Lou, have you read any Terry Pratchett books? You will love them. And yes, the kids' books are just as good as the grownup ones! Look into the 'Discworld' series.
Anonymous said…
We're into Nightmare Academy books suddenly--but I need to get T out of his Goosebumps rut!
The Mother said…
Terry Pratchett!

I have two reluctant readers. The Discworld books were the only thing that got them moving.

The best part is, I loved them too. He may have the wickedest sense of humor on the planet.