Foolproof? Is Not What We Need Here

"Uh-oh, um, the sandwich maker's on fire"

"What should we do????"


"I think you're not supposed to use water, in case of electrical fire."


We all stand around, looking with interest as the small flame does not go out all by itself. We switch off the plug, and pull it out. The flame gets bigger.

"Well. Water it is, then."

I pick the whole contraption up with a hand towel, drop it into the (fortunately empty) sink, and turn the water on. Much hissing and sizzling and popping ensues. It was an el-cheapo model, bought the week we arrived to fuel our constant sandwich requirements so its demise was inevitable. But FIRE?

"Rats, I wanted another sandwich."

So, we trawled the internet for amazing, super-duper sandwich makers which do not catch fire, and we now own a Breville Panini maker! It looks really good, and we will be trying it out this evening: Sandwiches for supper!

"This looks like a really good one, guys... TOTALLY FOOLPROOF," I said. "Let's not mess it up!"

"WE? Need one that's genius-proof."


To prove that we are not COMPLETE fools, we also purchased a kitchen fire extinguisher and another smoke alarm. What if we had gone out, and not noticed the little flame??? OH my God.


Unknown said…
Well, one disaster avoided, then, right? Well Done. New smoke alarm. Well Done. New fire extinguisher. Well Done.

After all, I do wish to feel safe, if and when I'm ever a guest there.
Anonymous said…
Electrical fires scare the crap out of me. It must have been in the air--I had a small fire disaster yesterday, too!
Nan Sheppard said…
We needed the scare. No fire extinguisher? DUH!
Miranda said…
Ahh I love sandwich makers, let me know how it goes as I would love to buy one. But what will the ingredients inside be for thing 1 and husband who don't eat cheese? I mean you can't not put cheese!
Erin said…
I LOVE my panini maker! Be sure to invest in some fresh Mozzarella...just wait till tomatoes are in season...yum! You have to use good, crusty bread, none of that flimsy sandwich stuff. :)
Nan Sheppard said…
We've stocked up on ciabattas, tiger-tails and nice nutty loaves... Yum! Miranda, Nutella? Feta cheese? Goat's cheese? Goats cheese agrees with us all, but expensive in Trini!
I just finished my favorite panini- mozzarella and tomatoes fresh from our farmers market- luscious! Enjoy yours. Good reminder about safety needs like extinguishers and smoke alarms.
Wacky Mommy said…
you guy are good! dammit what did i do with our panini maker? it's... somewhere. said…
If your panini's come out charred remember to just call them Cajun panini's. It's very in vogue to eat burned food at expensive restaurants. ;-)
Nan Sheppard said…
Wacky Mommy: Hope it turns up in the unpacking!

HalfAsstic: Aha! Good tip! Like when the kids were tiny: "It's okay if they've sand on them, that's why they're called SANDwiches!" Saved many a picnic, that did!
The Mother said…
I have killed 18 toasters. Do I get points?