Great Book Of The Week: Gilgamesh The Hero

Gilgamesh was an ancient King who is thought to have reigned between 3200 and 2700 BC, and his story is the oldest one known to have been written down. Discovered etched into stone tablets, some broken, some lost, the very thought of the ancient-ness of the story excited my boys.

 McCaughrean's telling of this Epic Tale is excellent, beautifully written. We enjoyed the story, and discussed how so many more modern tales must have been influenced by the Gilgamesh Legend.

Gilgamesh wins battles and slays beasts, but when his best friend dies he is so distraught that he goes on a quest in search of immortality. He returns a different man, with a new appreciation for beauty, friendship and love; and he understands that in family, lies his immortality.


My son just started How To Train Your Dragon, which I believe I picked up for him after reading about it here!

Keep up the book reviews!
I put this on my list for Kahlil. They'll spend the month of August here with us - yay!
Anonymous said…
This is a classic!
Unknown said…
Something I need to add to my reading list, for sure.
Theresa said…
Hi Nan,

I love it when my kids get inspired by a story in history. Right now in our house it's the Underground Railroad.

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