Grudging Film Review: How To Train Your Dragon, based very very loosely on the books

We are huge, ginormous fans of the "How To Train Your Dragon" series of books by Cressida Cowell. When we heard that there was a movie in the making, we all did a dance of joy and looked for the trailer online. Then we all got depressed, because the film is NOT the book. We swore we would NOT go to see the film because we just couldn't deal with the storyline and the characters being so changed. 

This week, we read a review on the film where Cressida Cowell is asked whether she minded the story being so changed. She said, "No, not at all. The books are my babies, but I am not a film-maker... It works better for the film because our hero can ride the dragon and it's amazing to watch it in 3D. It's truly wonderful."

We can bear in mind that the Author has been paid a lot of money to say nice things like that about the film... but we heard from trustworthy sources that it's a good movie. So, today we all (with cousins! yay!) set out for the Great 3D Cinema Extravaganza. Chas almost didn't come, because he felt it was unfaithful to the REAL Toothless and the REAL story. We told ourselves that we would not expect the film to be in any way related to the book, we would just keep an open mind. 

And we all gave the movie two thumbs up! It really was good. There were some great messages in there, and even Chas was grinning when we left the Cinema, and said that it was an awesome movie. 

So yes, film fans. Go see the latest Dragon Movie... but don't expect the storyline or the characters from the book! Though the real Toothless The Dragon DOES make a cameo appearance. See if you can spot him!


Anonymous said…
Ben and David loved the movie too!!! Great messages but now we all want a pet dragon in the family!! How cool it would be to fly and soar way up there! David now is very serious about becoming a 'BLUE ARROW' pilot!! NOT RED... but blue? !!! Blue is cooler apparently!! said…
Blast it all, I don't want to wait till it's out in video!
Anonymous said…
Well thank GOODNESS because this movie is on our agenda tomorrow afternoon! I am now even MORE excited to go!
Nan Sheppard said…
Well hello, Ben and David's Mummy!

Halfasstic, go see it. Greengirl, I KNOW your boys are going to love the movie!
Unknown said…
Okay - we'll go see it on your recommendation. (I think I'll go too.)