I can't wait for school....

No, not really... you know we all love the holidays around here. But when I just want an hour or so to catch up on my favourite blogs, and I am interrupted every three seconds by annoying boys who are hungry, or want to kill each other, or are making loud noises, you know???

Plus, the house needs a serious blitz of putting things in their places after a week of assorted overnighting visitors. And there's laundry to do.

I am feeling harassed.

So. I'm going to have a snack, and a cup of coffee, put some house-cleaning music on, and get my minions to help. That should quiet them down a little!


yes, they do require attention, don't they, these children of ours?

I usually feel totally frazzled by the middle of July, when they've been out of school for about a month.
You're on to something with getting the rambunctious boys to help. My rule of thumb was everyone can do the laundry (well) by age 10!
HalfAsstic.com said…
House cleaning is EXACTLY what I should be doing right now!
Anonymous said…
Ah, setting the house to rights in the wake of busy boys is what I do every Monday!
Seanos said…
.....and get your drivers license!
PS Dont forget to weed the garden, I'll be there to plough soon!
Islandgirl said…
Just be careful bout how yuh sow yuh seeds Seanos...or yuh might end up with a delivery in yuh cabbage patch!