In Which We Lose A Phone And Two Children, But Find Adventure!

We went to Brownsea Island this week, and it was beautiful! Read all about it in the Echo...

Edited:That's the native red squirrel... on the mainland they have been overtaken by the larger European Grey squirrels, and only in a few places can you see many of them. Brownsea Island is a grey-squirrel-free zone! Photo courtesy the Echo. 

Comments said…
That is the cutest and most bizarre looking squirrel I have ever seen! They don't look like that over here!
Anonymous said…
What a day you've had!
And your squirrel picture makes me think of that Doc Martin episode with the ranger who is battling squirrels--he goes off on a whole tirade about the reds and they grays and it's the funniest damn thing.
heheheheh, nice one Cereal.
Glad you found the 2 boys!