Manic, Uh, Tuesday

It's all go here! All of the visitors who said they might come and visit for the holiday came, we lost a mobile phone and two children (they had the picnic and the coffee thermos so we had to find them back), we have hiked for miles, and the sun has been shining bravely.

I hope the mobile phone turns up, but it doesn't look promising. I've blocked it, and the phone company are sending me a new sim card (same number) which is fine. But I've lost all of the numbers I had saved, so feel free to message me with your number!

Been way to busy having fun to write, but you can head to GNM Parents for my latest breastfeeding oration.

Hope your Holiday is happy!!!

Comments said…
You know I bet if the thermos and picnic was with the cell phone, you'd find it! HAHAHA!
Glad you had so much fun!
Anonymous said…
I'd track down kids with the coffee thermos too!
Phones. What a pain.
Unknown said…
You'll find it AFTER the new sim card comes. Gar un teed.
Oh no! Hope you find your phone...otherwise, it sounded like a fun hiking weekend !