Wednesday, 21 April 2010


While Eyjafjallajokull, which I hope I have spelled properly but cannot pronounce, continues to spew ash into an already carbon-rich atmosphere, I have been having my own last-minute, post-holiday panics and explosions. I exploded all over the boys, and ended up making a chart for them to collect (and lose) computer-time minutes for chores (and wicked deeds). I have had minor surgery ('tied my tubes' as much discussed previously), and am feeling sort of constipated, which is probably why I'm writing such long sentences. 

Sean is supposed to fly in on Friday morning, and if Eyjafjallajokull tries to prevent flights at that time, I will personally go up there and kick some Icelandic Volcano ass. 

Meanwhile, I am really trying to get a newsletter funded, published and printed in a month's time, and I'm looking for 'Real' freelance writing jobs that pay money (any suggestions, websites, gratefully appreciated), have been parenting three boys on my own for over two months (ooohhhh, they need their daddy on Friday!) and have a list of things to do which keeps getting longer: cross off one thing, two pop up. That's the problem with holidays, you spend two weeks having fun and then go 'OH MY EXPLODING VOLCANO GOODNESS!' Because the emails, and the stuff, and the volcano ash which is coming in and sneakily ashing everything, you know. 

Tomorrow I might write something sensible, as would befit a Real Freelance Writer. For now, you can visit GNM Parents, and read some sensible advice about how to get kids to sleep in their own beds, and why it's not a disaster if they don't. 


Unknown said...

Oh my poor Nan. I'm gonna do a voodoo dance to make the ash go away.

Audubon Ron said...

You have done well as a graduate of the Ducks Mahal school of run-on sentences. That’s why I’m called Run-on Ron.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, hang tight. Before you know it, the boys will be out with their dad and you'll have a little time to work on all of your wonderful writing plans! Keep at it!!!

The Mother said...

Obviously, a few virgins are required to deal with this intercontinental air travel fiasco.

Or less skimpy clothing. Take your pick.

Miranda said...

Congrats on the tubes!

Islandgirl said...

Hey Nan..wish I were there..we'd have GALLONS of red wine to celebrate not being able to get knocked up (and of course I say that in the nicest of ways!)

Sending you a leaf blower to deal with the ash fall cause you know I don't mop!

Unknown said...

I hope Sean made it home today. Oh, and happy St. George's Day.

Now go sing "Jerusalem".