Trinis: Wise, Loving, Amazing People

Snap Elections next month!

Trinis who have been out of the country for a few months are no longer allowed to vote, but in the elections two years ago, Chinese labourers who were shipped in to build the NAPA were allowed to vote? Trinis, if you're there, if you can vote, please do. Put one in for me and all of the Trinis who are residing and studying 'overs'.

I know that we'll get it back, Trini! We are an amazing people.

Video by Elspeth Duncan


aclare said…
Well it looks like "Vote for Change" is an international phrase. Something has got to be done before it goes to pieces.

Although I could be feeling this way, as I'm just reading about the French Revolution.

It is worrying though, I hope something good happens.