'I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by

- Douglas Adams

I met the deadlines this time, pulling up alongside them in my Ferrari and passing over a memory stick before tearing away to Max's class presentation and having Chas' buddies over for pizza. Max has a friend over for the night as well. 

I am taking a well earned (WELL EARNED, you hear me?) rest this weekend. We all are. I'm pushing the virtual Ferrari into the sea. And walking back home on the beach. 


have a fabulously relaxing weekend!
Hugs to you and all the boys as you rest and relax together!
Kath McGurl said…
Enjoy the weekend! thanks for having C over. Sorry he couldn't stay long - had to pack for the cycling camping trip we set off on, tomorrow (assuming it isn't raining...)
aclare said…
I remember that feeling of sending your little baby off to print. You have nurtured it from day one and can only hope that all will go ok and you haven't forgotten to do something vital!... Like not testing the freephone number IT have sent you to see if it works!! =P

Ahh... those were the days...
p.s. But when you're back online, do read the post re: K and K from Saturday!