More Brilliance from Penelope Leach!

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When I first became a Mum, the book which most helped me was Penelope Leach’s “Your Baby And Child”. My mum had a battered copy in her bookshelf, which I read and read and lent to friends and read. Then, I bought the newer version, which was more modern but still wonderful. In fact, I think I had two copies, which have been lent out until I no longer know where they are.

This week in the London “Times”, Psychologist, Mother and Writer Penelope Leach is at it again. “I actually do know what it’s like to be woken up 14 times a night... And I have a very strong sense that the way to deal with that is not for the parent to impose adult desires on the baby, but to try and integrate baby and adult.” 

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Anonymous said…
Hey me too! I lived by Penelope Leach, and I always bought it as a gift for new parents. It's a goldmine!