Teaching his Grandmother to Suck Eggs...

My son (hi, son!) is teaching me stuff, and when I say "Oh, yeah, I remember doing that at school" he looks SO surprised!

It's nearly ten o'clock, and we should both be in bed. Me, because I need my sleep, and him, because I need my sleep. Luckily, he understands "You have to go to bed now, cause Mama is tired." He did not understand this when he was one, which was hard for us both. It's kinda nice just to be sitting here, the two of us, me yawning and him jiggling.

We are all going to London tomorrow, meeting friends and cousins, walking in parks, eating sandwiches! I am so looking forward to it!

He is singing 'I'm yours' by Jason Mras. He has such a beautiful voice.

We went into town today, to get some textbooks, and a pair of shoes. Sam bought 'Pokemon Heart Gold' for the DS, and I asked him to write me a review. He is thrilled at the prospect! So stay tuned.

It's been a long weekend everywhere, it seems! Memorial Day in the States, Indian Arrival Day in Trinidad and Tobago, and in the UK 'Bank Holiday Monday' which I believe used to be Whitsuntide or something. We have the whole week off school here! I hope that everyone's holidays were good and safe, and may the rest of your week be sunny!


Unknown said…
That surprised look? Get used to it. It's funny how kids think the things they're going through - the things they're learning - belong to THEM. Like they learned it FIRST - no one else has ever learned this stuff before. Or done it before. And that attitude seeps into EVERYTHING they learn about. And I will say no more. ahem.
Audubon Ron said…
Where is the grandmother sucking eggs part?
Islandgirl said…
An Lou we felt EXACTLY the same about our parents - we knew it all..they were ancient..how could they possibly understand???!! haha
Heh, Too bought that game a few weeks ago and I have had a running commentary every since.

Good thing I can LOOK interested.