Basil Fawlty, Graffiti Icon, and Our New Pet

Don't you just love it? Our neighbourhood graffiti is SO high-brow!

I can tell that you're all crying over Sam's hair, but the boy could not see! He had this perpetual one-eyed look, like a sheepdog. And he's enjoying telling everyone how traumatized he is, he hasn't curled up in a ball and refused to go to school or anything.

In other very major (and slightly unfair, in light of certain haircuts) news, Chas has a new pet. We had to get up very very early on Saturday morning, after several days of research and discussion (that boy can discuss non-stop when he gets going). Chas said "GET UP! The shop opens at ten!"


"We have to get ready!"

"Chasbo, it's six-thirty"

"Yes. Well. We have to have breakfast, and everything."

Three hours later, we were standing outside the store, shivering and wondering if maybe they sometimes open early. At three minutes past ten, Chas signed the Animal Purchase Register and became the owner of a 33cm long Carolina Corn Snake.

Chas has wanted a pet snake for ever. No,really, FOR EVER.

You know how most snakes just lie there? Well, not Corn Snakes... they are active Houdinis, on a mission to escape, discover and DO STUFF. They really are endearing, fearless and pretty friendly. For snakes. Chas' snake has a plastic vivarium with great hiding places, and you never can tell whether he is A) in there hiding, or B) escaped, out terrorizing the populace [me]. He exists in two potential universes, until you open his vivarium and look for him.

So, we've named him Schrödinger. It's better than 'Houdini', because it starts with an 'S'!

He eats defrosted baby mice, and Chas adores him. Me, I'm just happy he's not a tarantula. Really.

AND, Chas had his first day at his new school today (seems weird to start at the end of the school year, but the headmaster wanted him to get settled BEFORE next term), and everything is amazing and wonderful and some of the other boys are nerds but even they are nice, and the teachers are really really nice, and the school has such cool amazing stuff and it's awesome.

First day joy. I am happy and relieved!

We're enjoying having my mum visiting, and beginning to look forward to the Summer Holidays. Six weeks to go!

Oh, and comment moderation is switched on, just for a little while. I love my readers' comments so much, you guys are witty, brilliant, caring and hilarious and there is NO place here for trolls and spammers. So there.


aclare said…
I like the words or combination of letters you have to input in order to leave your comment. You could play a great game of Call My Bluff. I got 'inflanki' as my word - could mean an amazing Russian nautical maneuver to outwit those in pursuit. Although it does seem like a something you would use...

Anyway I'm VERY glad Chas got a snake instead of anything hairy with eight legs. I may have had a hard time visiting.
Nan Sheppard said…
OOOOH! Extra points if you have a great meaning for your moderation word!
Audubon Ron said…
You are brave. No snakes here.
Anonymous said…
A snake! I could handle that better than a spider, too. So long as they kept it caged up.
That's some name they chose!
The Mother said…
Your kids and my kids would get along fantastically. Not because of the snake, mind you, but because of its name. Sounds like something my kids would do.
i am the diva said…
a SNAKE!!!

you are a braver woman than i!
Unknown said…
Annie called me an 'Old Troll" yesterday, but I suppose that was in a different context. (And she DID have her little Vixen costume on.)
Nan Sheppard said…
Oh, friendly-neighbourhood Trolls are always welcome.

And yeah, when the choice is between reptile and arachnid, I'll take reptile anytime.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why but that snake looks soooooo yummy, all caramel and chocolate swirly.....

Somebody doesn't know how to spell in moderation world... maybe it's Elfen...or Dragonese...

Anonymous said…
Hey I just got 'yeomm'(I'm thinking that means yumm)!
Think someone out there saw my last comment?

(Sorry, just wanted to see what word would come up next)

This could get addictive!

GirlBlue said…
Great starter snake! This acquisition is 100% Blue approved!
Nan Sheppard said…
Girl Blue, I thought of you in that store! :)

Do you know, *I* don't get to have a moderation word in my own comments?? *pouts*

Vicki, restrain yourself!!

You guys crack me up!
I'm used to the snake fascination from Kahlil. When he had read Harry Potter, I asked him what he liked the best, "that Harry speaks parseltongue" says he. When I asked him why he thought that was cool, he said "because I do too." Who's to say they don't (Chas included)!
My word was saunc, which I think is something sung by a dork.
HEH! Snakes eh?
Way to GO Chasbo.!

my word is 'cathoma', and yes I do have a cat and she has a nice homa.
Wacky Mommy said…
"stalize." like "stabilize," but w/ letters missing.

you're such a nice mom. want me to bring over some hamsters to feed him? we call them the wamsters cuz, y'know. they're girls. Women Hamsters. haha.

"Yes. Well. We have to have breakfast, and everything" is going to be my new catchphrase. That "and everything" can take HOURS.
acalre said…
I can see what people mean... after my first comment I wanted to put another one straight after!!

I hope my kids are happy with a dog as a pet (although knowing my history of pet keeping - it might not be)

This time I got 'Tavenes' which is an ancient language spoken in Taverns. Infact in some of the more rural places in the British Isles they still speak it.
Islandgirl said…
Mine is 'gedranes'

we ged lots of ranes after de dry season and now we floods!