Down With Dictatorships! Or Maybe Not

I'm all about dictatorships here, as long as I'M THE ONE doing the dictating, see?

Now, if my sons repeatedly take my nice pretty candles and make them all sooty and mushy and STICK MATCHES INTO THEM, I think I am entitled to yell and rant like a madwoman. They think I am overreacting. I will let my readers vote.

In other Dictatorship News, I'm over at GNM Parents ranting about TV. Again!


The Mother said…
Benevolent dictatorship. Remember the "benevolent" part when you are ranting at the kids for doing something, well, kid-like.

And put your candles where they can't get to them.
Audubon Ron said…
Yes by all means, you are cleared for ranting.
Catch them doing well and make a big deal of it and then rant away when needed for the thoughtless "they really are old enough to know better" stuff. Tell them it's because you're buzled (the verification word)!
aclare said…
I don't tend to go for candles very much. I have a couple of the gel ones with bits and pieces suspended in them. I always think it is such a shame to light them. But then they get dusty and even the occasional large spider gets caught... very freaky - the boys (one in particular) would have loved it!

But I agree. Your candles are your things and they must respect that. Perhaps if they had their own candle then they could do horrible things to it and it wouldn't matter. They could keep it in a cupboard in the kitchen and then you wouldn't have to look at it either.

Kind of like what mum did when out dear brother started taking apart all the electronics in the house, but not putting them back together. She went out and got him old radios and clocks of his own.
Anonymous said…
I echo this rant! I have pulled the PLUG on that thing. We sat around playing GAMES last night in our quiet house--it was LOVELY! said…
Ooooh, what a waste of a lovely candle! Yes, rant!