Oooh, It's A MEME!

Haven't seen a meme in a while, we must bring them back into fashion!

This one's courtesy of my friend Wacky Mommy, (thank you Wacky Mommy!) who knows way more than seven things about me. But she won't tell!

The rules are to 1) thank the person who gave you the award 2) tell seven things about yourself and 3) pass the award on to other bloggers whom you love, and, I suppose, find to be versatile.

7 Things about me: 

1) Ummmmm, my mind goes blank when I get a Meme. So I'll go make a cup of tea and get back to you. 

2) Earl Grey with a drop of milk. But any old tea will do, including a variety on non-fruity herbals. A bikkie will turn my cup of tea into a feast. 

3) Some of you already know this, but my commenters just brighten my life and crack me up. I am impressed with the way you took Comment Moderation in your stride yesterday - you have turned Spam Annoyance into FUN and I think you are all geniuses! 

Yesterdays winners: 

"'tavenes' which is an ancient language spoken in Taverns. Infact in some of the more rural places in the British Isles they still speak it."

"my word is 'cathoma', and yes I do have a cat and she has a nice homa."

"saunc, which I think is something sung by a dork."

"Somebody doesn't know how to spell in moderation world... maybe it's Elfen...or Dragonese..."

"I got 'inflanki' as my word - could mean an amazing Russian nautical manoeuvre to outwit those in pursuit."

Brilliant! Today's best Moderation Words and Meanings will feature in the next post... 

But where was I? Oh yes... 4) I live ten minutes walk away from the Most Beautiful Beach in Britain. Awesome OR WHAT? Today mum and I walked there, just for so, (and agreed that it is the best) and then we walked back via the cliffs and Boscombe Chine Gardens. 

5) We live across the road from the primary school, and I could (If I wanted) watch my kids playing in the playground. However, the kitchen is on the opposite side of the house and it's MUCH nicer and sunnier, so I don't. But, it's nice to hear the screeching of happy kids at playtime, I like it. 

6) I just bought myself a laptop stand and it has REALLY made a difference. I thought it might be a gimmick, but my posture is better and my neck is feeling the eeeease. Two weeks ago, when I had a deadline with artwork coming in at the last minute and layout STRESS, I thought I would never be able to straighten my spine again. A week off with daily yoga and walks helped, but we must all look after our backs, writers and internetties!

7) When Sam goes to sleep at night, the last thing he thinks about is food. Last night as I kissed him goodnight he said "I'll go straight to sleep quietly if you promise to make oven barbecue chicken and mashed potatoes for supper". I poked my head into the room five minutes later and said "Chicken out, defrosting!" and he sighed the happiest sigh you have ever heard and went straight to sleep. I love that boy. Well, I love them all of course! 

For a lovely thing to do with your kids this summer, check out my article this week at GNM Parents: A Walk Through The Milky Way! 

Now, I'm having a really hard time deciding who to tag. So you see my sidebar there, on the right? Those are the bloggers who I love and can't get enough of. They are ALL positive, informative, hilarious, or all of the above. I don't keep blogs there unless I really want to read them every day, and you should check them out. 

So can I tag everyone there? Good. Looking forward to hearing seven things about you all! 


Oh I got an Italian word on word verification!- copligna, which is sort of embarrassing because it has to do with tongue kissing... or maybe it's wood for burning, I forget, but it's about something hot one way or the other! As long as the kids don't read it...
Oops, Now I don't know what I was going to say other than you crack ME up!
aclare said…
I have to issue a retraction on my Inflanki remark. My highly esteemed husband has said the Russian Nautical Maneuver is actually called a Crazy Ivan, which is used on Russian Submarines. Although Inflanki could still be Russian for Crazy Ivan. So my definition could still be valid!!

This word is: Snessemi. Snessemi's are the arch enemies of the Who's in Whoville, as discussed by Dr. Suess. You don't want to cross paths with a Snessemi.
Nan Sheppard said…
Bwahahaha! This is getting better all the time... I may stop blogging and just hand the whole operation over to you guys!

Then I might get 'Assignment 2' finished. Or thrown in the bin and completely re-written. Who'da thunk going back to school could be so hard?
aclare said…
Yes I have been there with those courses. They are a lot harder than you think. And take more time than you think they will. So as long as you realise that. You will be ok.

The plus side is that I'm sure you learn more about the subject than in a class room. And the Tutor is only a phone / email away.

Oh and sorry I can't resist... Progodhe -a second rank prodigy.
Anonymous said…
Defrosting chicken--you know well the way to a man's heart!
I love Earl Grey too!
Those words have me reading with my lips moving.
Islandgirl said…
smsmen - I guess that means short message service know the ones you have text with! :-)
Hope it doesn't mean short member service...hmmmmmmmmmm
Darth Vader's drunken alter ego, as in, "I AM THE GREAT VARTILHO!!!, I need teepee for my bungholio! are you threatening me?"
I miss you my Bitsy.