If your mum put you to bed because "Tomorrow's a big day!" and turns the lights out at 9.30, and you're going to read under the covers, choose a book that won't have you cackling helplessly. Just sayin'.

Chas is reading 'Mort'. Yet another piece of Terry Pratchett genius.

The Sunday Telegraph says: "He is screamingly funny. He is wise. He has style."

Terry Pratchett will make you die laughing. Chas keeps trying to read me bits, but has to stop for long periods of gasping and wiping his eyes. 'Mort' is serious too: unexpected insights into Life and Death are a Discworld standard.

Today IS a big day. Sean and Issa just called from Gatwick, they will be here in a few hours, for a month of Dorset fun! We're all just ecstatic and really looking forward to our holiday! The boys do have a few days of school left, but I smell truancy in the air...


there's nothing wrong with a little truancy now and then. Have fun!
Unknown said…
Welcome home Sean!!
Audubon Ron said…
Hoping lots of fun.
The Mother said…
Never leave Terry Pratchett books in the kids' bedrooms. They are as distracting as television. My oldest once raced through three in one night.

On the other hand, they have developed a finely tuned sense of situational irony and political satire, and morbidly sarcastic vocabularies.
Chennette said…
love Terry current fave is Going Postal...must be something to do with my government experience :-) just think, when they boys get older, get jobs etc they can enjoy Discworld again from a new perspective and catch things they may not have before!
Anonymous said…
A book that leaves them cackling? Must check these out!
Enjoy your trip! Glad for you!
I'm so in favor of truancy! Have heaps of fun with your big honey and the 4 little honeys! Kelly and her 2 will be enjoying Italy! Yay for us all!