Piglet had never seen so much rain...

After several weeks of HOT sunny beautiful weather, we've got rain! We listened to it falling late last night, and it made us happy. This morning Chas rode to school in it, and he was not so happy!

Sean is arriving tomorrow, and we can't wait. It's been too long! And he's bringing someone special with him... Issa! There will be a happy houseful of boys here!

I'm ruminating over at GNM Parents,wondering just how much freedom to give the boys. We still have a week of school to go, and everyone's really fed up and wants to be on holiday. After supper last night the boys took their cricket set down to the end of the road and I had to go searching for them, drag them in and put them to bed kicking and screaming... "But it's DAYTIME! We want to play!" Bedtime's been 10.00-ish the last few weeks, because these equatorial children just can't understand the sun not setting at six. If I put them to bed at eight, they lie wide awake, knowing that behind the dark curtains there is a sunny day beckoning.

I'm going to leave comment moderation on. I'm still getting many spam comments, and I've got my phone set up now to beep when I have an email, so I can publish or reject on the spot. Because I love you! And you should not have to put up with spammers! And neither should I! Plus, your word-recognition definitions crack me up several times a day.


Unknown said…
I knew living so far North would be an adjustment for them, because English weather is so ... different than that of T&T. But I completely forgot that the sun is so much different for you guys at your new latitude - you have some REALLY long days now compared to T&T - just as you have REALLY short ones during the winter.

The word verification for me is "dicsiz". No comment.
The Mother said…
We did nothing but rain for two weeks, and now we're soaked in 98 degree weather and nothing but sun. Seems you really can't have it all.
Yes, the light at night- Kelly's kids too are all revved up even though it's past their regular bedtime. "Shouldn't they be tired after all they did today?" Answer- NOT!
aclare said…
Never mind. Winter is just around the corner and then you will be pinning for long sunny summer days! =P. I has rained on and off - but held off for the mornng of our house move. I thanked the Weather Gods perfusly!

Truumuc - Trinidadian for a person who tirelessly sends spam through the internet.