Saturdays are Awesome

Happy Saturday y'all!

This week, Sam and Max both got their school reports and they are brilliant, so they say they want to go to the videogame arcade and race virtual cars and play in a virtual band. I said yes. Chas and I will rock the high-speed air hockey table. I can still beat him half the time, HAH!

Chas has been working really hard to catch up at his awesome new school, and he says that Latin is easy peasy. He's all "Cibus in culina!" (food in kitchen!) Sam went for his Induction Day there Wednesday, and had a blast, meeting other boys who have read the same books as he has. He's looking forward to next term.

Chas can almost do a back-flip on the trampoline. He needs tips. I say, 'don't arch your back', but I could be wrong since I could never do a back flip. Any suggestions?

Sam had a few buddies over for a birthday cake-and-icecream session yesterday. A few of my buddies came too! It made us all wish the Summer Holidays would hurry up. We had pineapple upside-down cake (delicious!) and the kids drummed and guitared and played DS and jumped on the trampoline. They kicked a ball around too. Come on, summer holidays!

My mum and dad, and Ailis and Dan, sent Sam a super-awesome video camera! It's yellow! Full review to come!

You may visit Chas' new website for a video (taken with the regular camera) of Schrödinger the snake EATING A BABY MOUSE! It's really good, and slightly icky. The site has also got instructions on how to make a snare, in case you are ever lost in the wilderness. You never know.

I know that we can all look forward to many, many videos and photos from Chas and Sam, and best of all, they will not be on my camera! I will be pleased when I download pictures and there aren't 657 images of a lego. man. moo. ving. one. leg. and. then. the. other.... and. then. a. car. comes. along. and. runs. him. over.... and. there. is. blood. on. the. ground. of. lego. land.... EXCITING STUFF, this stop-action photography.

I wonder what will happen next??

I have homework assignments, and articles to write, and writer's block. Which always happens when I'm supposed to write about something specific. I need to be more disciplined. Going back to school is HARD! But I am setting a good example, aren't I?

Have a great weekend!

Comments said…
I, for one, am IMPRESSED with anyone going back to school!
Have no idea about whether or not to arch your back for a back flip.
Love the new video camera! (Waterproof?!)
and am pretty sure I know what's coming next in the lego action scene. ;-)
The Mother said…
Any kid with a snake named Schrodinger is my idea of fun!
aclare said…
I am very proud of you, doing a home study course is not easy. I have done about 4 in my life time. You just have to set aside sometime and be very strict with yourself. And it is almost impossible to do one while you have a full time job (so be thankful for small mercies!) So I would do it as soon as the kids have gone to school and work until lunchtime.

Oh and as a fellow gymnast who has once or twice managed front and back flips (when my mother wasn't looking!) you do have have to arch your back. I suggest he practice underwater in a swimming pool (but not to forget to breathe out or water will go up his nose!). To get the feel of how the body has to bend and then do it on the trampoline. And also do not stand in the middle as the landing is always off to the side - I nearly fell off myself! For those who know me though that wouldn't be very surprising!

Atentand - Skill needed in order to complete home study courses! Or a likely phrase used at the beginning of a hysterical anecdote.
aclare said…
Sorry I just liked this one!!

Glene - what your house should do after the fairies have been in to clean it and sprinkled fairy dust!!
Tell 'em pull their knees into their chest while rotating.

Lesser known mythical transylvanian creature, famous for stealing things out of your bag and then putting them right back, leading to the 'but I could have sworn it wasn't there when I looked' phenomena!