Where is my Funny?

Dear Internets, I seem to have lost my funny.

Is it under the pile of paperwork?

In the 'Assignments' file?

In Max's lunchbox, with the uneaten cheese?

In the laundry basket?

In my husband's suitcase?

At the bottom of my gran's shopping basket?

I suspect it's in ALL of those places. I have found it there before. But it's elusive these days. O woe is me!


Unknown said…
No woe is you. You just gotta take a deep breath and say - "I have no funny, today. But that's okay. One needs to be serious once in a while, doesn't one? Of course. So let's be serious for a moment or two (no more than that, now) and then get on with it."

Of course, talking to yourself will get you committed - but the you'd have a whole new genre of funny stuff to talk about.
Nan Sheppard said…
I've totally been talking to myself! "Self," I've said, "It's time to get a grip!"

And then, Margo can't find her bank card and it's a DISASTER! And then it's under the eggs in the kitchen, you know? Three days later. After I've convinced someone at the bank that they can cancel it and I'm not embezzling my grannie's money. Self is not amused!
The Mother said…
It'll come back. We'll be here when it does.
HalfAsstic.com said…
Oh honey! don't worry about it! It comes and finds YOU when you're not even looking! ;-)
Well, from your last comment, you found your funny!
p.s. Did you ever think that your life is pretty stressful right now? And your Mom just left after a long visit? Which is always hard! And you're raising 3 rambunctious boys practically by yourself? Need I say more?
aclare said…
It'll turn up when you least expect it (like Margo's card!)

I would not worry about the card though. That same exact thing happened to me!! Seriously... my card had stopped working and I had just come back from my wedding. So I phoned them up and was about to have a go at them when the lady told me I should have had a new card. I told her I hadn't, I swore I hadn't. I went cardless for a week until the new one arrived. Then another week later I found in under the sofa when I was cleaning!!!!

So you see I expect that your Funny is just like mine and Margo's bank cards. Pity there is no hotline to send you a new one though!! =P

Rewit - Wit that has to be found after an absence.

PS - Is it just me or do these words seem to fit into the topics each time!! Hmmm... spooky!
aclare said…
Hopefully this word will coax your funny into the light again!

Piaereas - a special dance move done exclusively by Spanish Pirates just before boarding an unsuspecting merchant vessel!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, guys! Sean will be here in a few days, and HE will help me too!
Anonymous said…
You need to activate your Uterine Tracking Device to find your funny;)