ADVICE Column! Or Something

I'm booooored. And I'm stuck in a blogging rut. Of non-blogging. 

I never give advice, but go on, ask me something. Let's have an Advice Column Week. End. May concern marriage, housework, parenting, or any other topic that springs to mind. 


princess p said…

There is this guy, like, at work who I think likes me and, like, I like him. Well, we have flirted a bit at the water cooler and, like, at the photocopier. Anyway, we both found ourselves, like, in the stationery cupboard. And, like, I didn't know what to say to him. And, like, he couldn't wait to get out of there. What should I do? Do you think he really does like me? And if so, should I, like, wait for him to ask me out or should I, like, ask him?

Many thanks, Confused in Herts
aclare said…
Seriously though, I think my beautiful gourami has a bacterial infection. He was doing so well too! And I can't get the thermostat to sit an even 26 degrees. It keeps spiking at 30. Think I might need a new heater.

And then when I was trying to pin up the spray on my orchid - it snapped off!! Gutted I tell you!

So I'm feeling a little traumatized!
Mrs F with 4 said…
On telling one's best friend that one's eldest son, aged nine, has been diagnosed with atypical autism, and receiving the reply, "Well, c'mon, he's always been weird. Everybody knows that. How could you not have noticed?", do I:-

a) slap her?
b) walk away sobbing slightly ? or
c) please fill in this blank for me with a socially acceptable, yet satisfying option.
My wife is a sex maniac.
She doen't give me a moment to myself,she's wearing me out.
Right now I'm typing this letter and simultaneously looking over my shoulder, she just grabsss mee frm bhind and jkujh sdhcn jlkrfER 253541jh hbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb