Dealing with Miscarriage...

I've written about this here before, but it bears repeating... and forwarding, and sharing with every woman you know. You'd be surprised how many women have been through this and never tell anyone! Click on the link below to my column on GNM Parents.

Miscarriage: Why?


BlueBella said…
Oh Nan this is beautiful - you are so eloquent with your words and the story sent me with shivers time and again. Thank you for this post!
Darci Klein said…
Hi, Nan.
You're SO right...nobody talks about miscarriage, and women feel isolated. And often, they don't get testing after loss(es) that could protect future pregnancies. I have my own story here
and I'm hoping to reach women with a message of support (no, your NOT crazy, this IS awful) and hope. After losing four babies, I have two great kids.
Thank you for raising awareness about this very real women's health issue.--Darci Klein
Anonymous said…
What a perspective you bring! This was a lovely piece, Nan.
I got something different from this in my second reading. I think you're friend was so right in her view of why these tiny souls come for their short time on earth. Why would be still so aware of them all these years later otherwise? They affect us so strongly and we must affect them just as strongly. I'm glad it goes both ways. It gives me a reason and great comfort.