Hello? Is This Thing On?

YES Racing Fans! We're back in action here, and trying something new. Would you like some FREE GIVEAWAYS? (Ooooh YES WE WOULD!)

Well, what would you like? Books? Toys? Kitchen stuff? Electronics?

Leave me a comment (yup, comments are on again, fingers crossed...) and let's get this party started.

Oh, and while I'm here, the new Terry Pratchett book for teens is out in the UK: Tiffany Aching is brilliant again in 'I Shall Wear Midnight'. Chas and I fought over this book until I caved and finished the whole thing last night and in the wee hours of this morning. Haven't seen Chas since!

In this story there is a funeral, a wedding, murder, and drama as only seen on Discworld. And I'm willing to mail my copy (as soon as Chas has finished reading it, which should be in about 5 minutes) to a commenter anywhere in the world. This is ONLY open to previous commenters (you know who you are, and so do I) and comments will be closed on Friday 10th. I'll get Max to pick a name out of a hat, OK?


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Chennette said…
oooh ooh, I looooove Terry Pratchett and Tiffany Aching :-)
HalfAsstic.com said…
OK, you asked! What I really want is a ticket to come and see you! ;-)
I commented previously- you know I did! If you send it to me, I promise to read it to my grandkids who you know and love! Terry Pratchett rules!
Anonymous said…
Yaay! You're back. At least, I know you're somewhere else but you moved at the same time I was moving and I lost the info. :( No worries--am desperately behind on blogs (or was, am mostly current as of yesterday) and ALWAYS ALWAYS up for a new book :)
The Mother said…
Me! I want it. I'm tired of buying three copies of everything Pratchett has ever written, because no one will give theirs up long enough to let anyone else read it.
Nan Sheppard said…
Well, your names will be in the hat! Next weekend Max will do the honours and pick someone... whooooo will it beeee?

The Mother, I KNOW! When the last Harry Potter book came out, we had to order three. Since then, we just fight. When Sean isn't here I get to have Parental Veto on all books, but the complaining that I have to put up with!

HalfAsstic, A TICKET! Now there's a great giveaway idea!

Grandmother... yes you did!

Chennette, Planet Nomad, HI! Good luck!
aclare said…
Regarding your last post - all about King Arthur - thought you might like to know that the BBC are bringing back their very excellent dramatization of Arthur as a young prince and Merlin as a young boy (before he becomes a fabulous Magician). During the reign of Utha Pendragon. It is on next weekend (Saturday I think) and is called 'Merlin'. They are into the second season (i think) - but i think you will beable to understand what's going on, as they were really setting the stage for the action.

Don't miss it!!
GirlBlue said…
oh nooessss have not read my reader in a few days, did I miss the drawing?

Shall i just say and be quite shameless and mention that today is my birthday *looks hopeful*
Unknown said…
Pick me, pick me, pick me. And I could call it a late Birthday present and everything.

Now I gotta go say Happy Birthday to my GirlBlue.
Oh SNAP! I just posted with the exact same heading to my post.

I must have been channelling your awesomeness, sweetcheeks!