We Have a WINNER!

On the LEFT, all the names! This was very scary for me, because everyone who commented is a huge reader, from a family of readers. I wanted EVERYONE to win.

So I just wrote everyone's names down, and cut them out. While I was doing that, I asked Sam to write a grocery list. That's the one on the right, featuring 'AK-47, fruit, eggs, butts-err' etc. Hopefully the guard at the door won't ask to see my list.

Anyway, Max (The Birthday Boy! 9 yesterday!) Picked the winning name (and he was as nervous as I was) and TA-DAAAA!
Elizabeth YOU are the winner! Yaaaay! The Nomad Family have recently returned to the States, so they could definitely use a book to add to the chaos! Congratulations, Nomad Family! I'll pop "I Shall Wear Midnight" in the mail as soon as I have your address, and hopefully it will speed to you by air faster than a ship on the Atlantic.

Don't forget to check out my weekly post on GNM Parents, and we're making a creative mess Elsewhere. It's busy here at Chez Sheppard!


Anonymous said…
YAAY!! I'm SO excited :) Thanks so much.
What a clever way to pick the winner!!
And congratulations to Elizabeth!!
I love your blog!
Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a comment.
It made me smile. :)