One Thousand Voices

The Stats for this website say that I have over one thousand readers this month, last month, the month before... even when there hasn't been a new post in days, visitors pop by. MOST OF YOU ARE REPEAT VISITORS! One thousand people visit every month.


I need you all to do something for me, please. Go to and sign.

There is a new government in Trinidad and Tobago. They are doing their best to make changes to archaic laws, and of course, the largest interest groups are getting their voices heard. Please sign the petition to stop the slaughter of endangered species for the sale of wild meat.

This petition is not to stop all hunting: most hunters love the rainforest, use the flora and fauna to help feed their families. This petition will help to stop the mass slaughter of hundreds of endangered animals for sale.

Responsible hunting will help to save the rainforest. If you do not sign the petition, more rainforest will be destroyed so that masses of already endangered animals can be killed for profit. Please, help us to save our rainforest.

You do not have to be a Trini to sign. In fact, if foreign interest is shown, local government is likely to feel more pressure to act now.

Please, if you are here, sign now. I am watching the signatures, and if there are fifty new ones there tomorrow, I will do a dance of joy!
Go to now, and sign. Let a thousand voices be heard.

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Nan and those who cannot speak for themselves


I signed. I asked others to. All those visitors are eager to hear what you write. Me too!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks! The signatures are picking up, which shows that my readers ARE making a difference. Great going, you guys!! Now tell all your friends!
acalre said…
I signed it twice. One for me one Dan. I will send it to others to sign too. I hadn't relaised you could do that. x
Nan Sheppard said…
Yes you can! Spam everyone!