What's in Your Handbag?

My sister has the twin of Hermione's Awesome Beaded Handbag (you'll have to read the book). But not beaded. If you need a pen, it's in there. You need a sandwich and a juice pack, she's got it. A plaster? A pair of scissors? Some string? A bicycle tube? Gum? Advil? Pair of sneakers? Glue? paper and a pencil? Toy to entertain small children? Tampon? Anyone's address and phone number who you ever knew? Sunglasses? Right there. And she never has to look for it. Just "Oh, a philips head screwdriver? Here you go."

All this, in a chic and extremely well-organized handbag. Amazing.

My handbag (a small backpack, not at all chic) contains many bits of paper (some of which say "Please Tidy Me!" and some of which say "Tidy Yourself!") (And some say "Help! Being Held Prisoner in Handbag!")

Sometimes a pen might go in, but it never comes out again.

I have to phone my mobile to find it if it's in my handbag. I mean really.

Keys, I have to feel about and JINGLE, listening intently.

It's a travesty. I must do better!

How's your handbag? If I organized my handbag tomorrow, what do you think I should put into it?


Unknown said…
First of all, it's not a handbag. It's a manbag. I don't know how many times I have to tell people. Sheesh.

I carry my wallet. A USB cord for charging my phone. My multitool. Several burned CD's of software tools for cleaning up 'infected' PC's. And my knife my son bought me for Christmas one year. It's purdy.
Anonymous said…
Ugh. My bag needs to be cleaned out--thanks for reminding me! Old receipts, loose change, chapsticks, wallet, coupons, discount cards, library card, mirror, lint...I am hanging my head in shame!
aclare said…
You need all the things listed above! Although I have taken my Swiss Army pen knife out as everytime I went anywhere people would tell me to check it in at security. Because I have that look of a terroist and you just never know when I might wage a full scale war with a very tiny screw driver! =P
Nan Sheppard said…
I miss my knife, it's not allowed here... and I have no idea where it IS now! It's a black-handled buck hunting knife which folds in? Anyone know where it might be?
Islandgirl said…
well you may not have the magical handbag Nan...but you DO have the magical first aid kit...bandaids- check! Burn ointment - check! Butterfly sutures - check! Syrup of Ipeac - check! Surgical gloves - check! Tweezers - check! Arnica cream - check! Operating gown - check (oops that might be in the handbag!) :-)