Quote of the Day, Big Brothers are Evil

At bedtime:

Chas: Night night everyone! And don't worry Max, we'll be right here if you're scared or anything.

Max: Scared? Oh puh-leease.

Sam: Don't be silly Chas, Max isn't scared of a movie! I mean, all those bits with the snake, he KNOWS they are animated.

Chas: True, true, he knows there isn't, like, an evil snake under his bed or anything. We could always leave a light on, Max, if you're worried about the snatchers though.

Sam: Can snatchers apparate? Like, into houses?

Chas: Definitely. Actually, Nagini can apparate too. That's how she got to Bathilda's house and ate her up.

Sam: Riiight. Hey, a lot of people died horrible deaths, when you think about it.

Max: (thinks about it...)

Guess who's sleeping in my bed?


The Mother said…
I have one like that. But sleeping in mommy's bed was right out. Not putting up with wriggling and whining while I'm trying to get some shut-eye.

The dog's bed is available.
Nan Sheppard said…
It's a large bed and hubby is off flying helicopters in distant lands, so it's not a problem. The deal is, you stay on your side of the bed and GO TO SLEEP, and he does. Not a wriggly whiner at all.

I kinda like having a baby in my bed, it saves getting up in the night. Not so much fun when they're long and bony, but I really don't mind.
Unknown said…
So Chas and Sam haven't learned about Karma, yet, huh? Or as we say here in the States - "What goes around, comes around."
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, I can totally see how that would end up happening! I was scared just READING it.
aclare said…
My big brother let me sleep in his room after we watched From Dusk Til Dawn so that the vampires didn't get me!

So they aren't all bad!
Nan Sheppard said…
One day, Max will get his revenge!
I bet he felt warm, safe and snuggly. What a good Mom you are!