The trees are getting their clothes off, and it's been pretty much raining and blowing non-stop. I'm learning to deal with it. Chas and Sam have waterproof kit, and I have stuck reflective stickers over every square inch of their bike helmets and coats (which were pretty fluorescent anyway) In fact, can I just recommend these? Two years of heavy wear by boys, including bike crashes, falling out of trees, and sliding repeatedly head first down the stairs (on purpose); and Chas and Sam's LLBean coats are still completely in one piece, waterproof, reflective and cool-looking.They wash well, but I swear they repel dirt too.

Anyway, after an initial few days of curling up on the sofa in a fleecy blanket and rainbow stripey fuzzy socks, I have got a grip and realised that Winter means Christmas!!!!!!! You may think it's early but I've started unpacking decorations. Last Christmas we were here and all our stuff was still en route, so we're having a ball discovering things. A few bits and pieces are missing. Hopefully they will turn up.

Of course, with the season comes colds: I had the sniffles, then Chas got a cough, and tonight I've rubbed Vicks on Max's feet and put the fuzziest socks on him. (His Aunt Jubiska said, "No harm, can come to his nose if his toes are warm"*) Before I go to sleep I'll go get him and tuck him into my bed, so I'll know if he's feverish. He shouldn't be, as Chas and I were just head-coldy and not really SICK. But it's a snuggle opportunity that I would hate to miss! I hope he feels better tomorrow, as two of his buddies are coming to play.

I have been drinking lots of awesome hot drinks: Chai tea, Hong Wing coffee from Trinidad and Brasso Seco coffee, Cocoa tea, regular tea, Ovaltine and so on. I have suddenly realised that my sugar intake is not good. I'm not sure if I'm willing to sacrifice yummy winter comfort for a healthy waistline though. Hmmm. It's a quandary. I'll think about it, while I snuggle up read my book.

*How well do YOU know your obscure poetry?


Unknown said…
I LOVE Edward Lear - the man who popularized limericks (at least, as far as I'm concerned). As far as I'm concerned (again), he was Dr. Seuss before there was Dr. Seuss.
acalre said…
I think as well you have to wrap his nose in a scarlet fannel!

..."And his Aunt Jobiska made him drink
Lavender water tinged with pink,
For she said 'The World in general knows
There's nothing so good for a Pobble's toes!'"

The Pobble Who Has No Toes was one of my most favourite poems as a child. Mum could recite almost the whole thing!
aclare said…
Oh and the reason you want lots of sweet things is because, I think, you need to build up a winter layer in order for your body to stay warm. This is why most winter food involves lots of stews and casseroles and thick soups with root vegies. Porridge (if you like it) is a good way to put something warm and sustaining into your body and you can sweeten it with honey or stewed apricots - which have natural sugars!

This is my theory anyway!! =)
Anonymous said…
It is cold weather--my oldest is home today with a TERRIBLE cough. ugh!
you cannot underestimate good quality in jackets and foul weather gear. LLBean and Lands End top our list here, too.