And in Pockets News...

  • One small pink glove (We love you, owner of pink glove!)
  • One wet sock
  • FIFTEEN POUNDS! Belonging to Chas. Rats! 
  • Train tickets
  • Receipt for Macdonalds supper, eaten on the train home. Children very happy at second ever Macdonalds meal
  • Small change
  • A leaf
  • Sand, as usual
  • DS game
  • I asked Chas and he says "Handses, Precious!" 
  • Camera
  • Keyring, but then he lost it
  • Expired Network Rail Card


Unknown said…
I LOVE it -- "Handses, Precious!!"
Looking forward to seeing the owners of the pockets stuff- 12 days to go!
The Mother said…
What a great load of stuff!

I would love to hear the pink glove story.
BlueBella said…
Love it!

An McD's is kid crack . . .thank goodness for the $1 menu:)
Anonymous said…
Drat about the 15 pounds.