Let it SNOW, let it SNOW, let it SNOW!

We are in TOTAL Christmas mode here! We had hordes of cousins and friends here eating, drinking and making merry on Friday night with crepes and strawberries an whipped cream for brekkies (and sausages, and eggs, and blueberries, and gallons of tea and coffee...) Our overnight guests braved the SNOW and left for Surrey this afternoon.

My sister and her husband were on their way today, with the TIRAMISU, and they had to turn back after 5 hours of ice and jacknifing trucks and not being able to see where the road is. DISASTER! and who is going to eat this roast beast? It will have to be frozen till THE party on Tuesday. What is the best way to freeze a roast beef, internetties? Can this be done without ruination and wailing?

Charlotte and Venus are coming tomorrow. They are vegetarian, which does not help at all with the roast beast situation. But they are favourite cousins extraordinaire!

Yesterday, I went to buy our Real Tree. With smelly smells and piney needles. They were sold out. So I said "Never mind, when Ailis and Dan get here we'll get one." and they aren't making it! Charlotte said "Well, we have a teeny weeny plastic tree, we'll bring it just in case" and we've decided not to have a crisis over a Christmas tree, so what will happen? Stay tuned!

Yesterday a taxi driver asked me, "So why Bournemouth?" and I said "Because it never snows in Bournemouth..." he said it's obviously our fault, all this snow. January was the only snow in 17 years... this month it's the worst snow in 20.

But it sure is pretty!


Unknown said…
Real trees are best bought EARLY. The stand should supply water and nutrients to keep the tree alive until after Christmas - so you CAN buy it early. Next year you'll know better.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone about the "Trinis who move to England" Snow Curse. Maybe they won't run you out of town.
Nan Sheppard said…
With Chas down with the 'flu all week, the tree just got put on the backburner... I wanted to get it late, so when Sean gets here in January it'll still be up, too.

Chas and Sam read this post and yelled "Yes we ARE having a crisis over the Tree! We MUST have a real tree! Come on woman!" So there you go!
The Mother said…
We hit 72 yesterday. Not likely to snow around here.
aclare said…
I know you are having and will be having a whale of a time and it pains me to think that we couldn't make it!

And regarding the roast situation. I think you can freeze it, but you might have to slice it first. And can probably only have it frozen for a month or so.

And yes I think I will blame you too for the weather. It was -12 here last night - this is the coldest I have ever experienced it. We have had to have our gas fire on too!!!
Anonymous said…
Tell the boys it's sun sun sun down here in Triniland. The rains seem to have let up at last. The waves are ripe for rippin' and the sand is toasty warm between the toes. Sooooo... COME ON DOWN mates the islands await ye weary travellers :)


chuckle chuckle chuckle
seriously, I feel for all u snow bunnies locked inside of your igloos
Anonymous said…
p.s. May love and good cheer warm the heart and soul of you and yours and keep you safe until the icy veil of winter is lifted.

I'm reading this post with Kahlil and we're laughing and longing to see Chas and Sam. Talked to your Mom today and we'll spend time with her too. Yay! Hugs and holiday cheer to all!