A Sensible Post

That's my intention anyway... I can tell everyone's getting a little antsy here with my hurried non-posts of late, all "What KIND of nut?" and "What IS an Oyster Card" and "Hair clips?" and "Been at the nog?"

I have had a way more awesome and fun-filled and loving time here than I expected. This year, I decided to send Chas and Sam away to Trinidad on Christmas Day... not a real happy thought... but it has worked out perfectly. First, we decided to have a BIG party on Solstice Day, and invite Margo's side of the family to a proper sit-down Solstice Lunch. Which, it turns out, is the same as Christmas lunch but with a huge SUN hanging over the table and many round and beautiful pies and things decorated with rays of pastry and whatnot. TOTALLY embracing the English Pagan side of the family, though come to think of it we probably never had one. Never mind, we do NOW. We had crackers with musical instruments, and yes, tiny toys like skittles. And hair clips, which I have given to small girls with hair.

(Chas had a horrible flu the week before Party Day, which crashed some of our plans and shopping... we never did get a Christmas Tree, so Charlotte and Venus brought a tiny baby tree which we festooned with decorations...)

And of course, with the aftermath of the party came many neighbours, great new friends and loved ones bearing bottles of grog, and they helped us eat up the leftovers. It was so good, we danced and ate and just blissed out.

Christmas Eve we went to Charlotte and Venus, who conveniently live not too far from Gatwick Airport. Max and Venus hardly slept, but they were snoozing when Chas and Sam and I crept out on Christmas Morning. We had our Christmas breakfast at a Costa Coffee Shop in the airport, and I kissed my two VERY happy and excited big boys goodbye, and handed them over to an airline 'Auntie'. I headed back to Charlotte's house for a vegan feast and more cousins. Max was very happy. We spent the next few days recuperating, went to see 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader' (A-Plus!) and hooked up with my sister and her hubby, did some light shopping and came home. All week, we were pretty lucky with the weather in all our travels!

The year is ending now. Sean and the big boys are coming home soon. More happiness!

Looking back, I realise that I have had an amazing year. In September 2009 I moved into a new place in a new country with the kids, not really knowing if it would all work out, whether it was a good decision, and with worries and wonderings that I could not write about here. I thought that the kids might be miserable. I thought that it might be 'good for us' or 'the right thing' but that it might also be hard and lonely. I was scared, and missed my friends. At the start of 2010 I still had some of those fears, AND we had been thrown a few additional worries.

But 2010 has been my year. I made my decisions, stuck to my guns, and the whole world has bent to make it good. Like many years, good and bad, you can't really see it all when you're in it. I am so grateful.


The Mother said…
Glad to hear 2010 worked out as you hoped/expected/dreamed. We can all only be so lucky.
Unknown said…
I am so glad it's worked out well for you, and the boys, and for 'you and Sean'. Didn't do so well for Trinidad, though. I'm sure she misses you.
Anonymous said…
It HAS been a heck of a year for you. I'm glad you're in a good place. When I read your tales, I totally want to pack my bags and come move in with you.
Chennette said…
Happy 2011- with this kind of year at its back, it should be great :-)
Nan Sheppard said…
Thank you all! And a VERY happy 2011 to you too!
I made it a point to spend time with both your big boys and I'm in love with them. Good looking, articulate, interesting boys with diverse, fascinating activities- and able to talk to an adult about them- I had such an enjoyable time with them! Good job, Mom!
p.s. WV is dicsdisc- I won't touch that, but wow!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, Grandmother! I think they are pretty amazing...