Did anyone see the lunar eclipse? It was too misty here, sigh! We had our Solstice Party and it was awesome. Happiness and food on the floor and only one broken wine glass (English people are more careful with the stemware than Trinis?)

Today is cleanup and recovery day. Friends and family are helping to eat the leftovers and watching films (currently, 'Ponyo') So I leave you with a photo of O Sprawling Metropolis of Bethlehem:

Which Max, Venus and I made with the crèche figures and a mega collage and glitter etc. Is it not STUNNINGLY AMAZING? It's a keeper.

Also, our enormous Solstice Sun, (made by Charlotte and I) which, when we hung it up, caused Bournemouth to start defrosting.

Happy Christmas all!


Islandgirl said…
Thought about you guys allllll day and missed you so much. Ryan and I went out and did a sundance and chased his shadow and would you know it started to POUR with rain!!! Went out last night and listened to good music and drank way too much wine so I'd be good and mashed up today in sympathy with you. Miss you Nan but so glad you had a brilliant party!
Islandgirl said…
ps. I think you need to leave the sun up till after winter is over!
Nan Sheppard said…
I think so too!
The Mother said…
Don't forget to bring the Mistletoe in to protect the tree spirits!

Merry Whatever to you and yours.