All Systems Go

Breakfast Chaos reigns...

"So, you know, he wasn't an English King at all..."
"Where is my tie?"
"Hey, can I keep mice?"
"Just eat a few bites. Don't go on an empty stomach."
"Cuz I could breed them to feed Schrödinger and Houdini, I bet it would save me money."
"Drink some water"
"Are you wearing MY tie?"
"No, dummy. Anyway, keeping mice is easy! Like hamsters. They breed like mad."
"Definitely not."
"Because they breed like mad."
"Anyone seen my tie?"
"Put your socks on while you look for it"
"I'm not really hungry"
"How about fish?"
"Snakes don't eat fish..."
"That sounds lovely honey"
"But it's A minor, not..."
"Where are my socks?"
"NO more pets"
"Here, let me show you."
"GO away!"
"Seven fifteen, guys"
"I can't find my socks"
"You won't find them sitting there."
"Mice aren't pets, technically"
"Brush your teeth."
"Anyone seen my tie?"
"There will be no mice, you are going to be late."
"Can you fill up my water bottle?"
"Seven twenty."
"Where is my tie?"
"It's where it is supposed to be. Hurry up. Brush your teeth."
"Oh LOOK there it is!"
"Where is my bag?"
"Where is your brain?"
"Oh, VERY supportive." (Stomp, stomp, stomp...)
"Seven thirty."
"Helmet, helmet..."
"Bye son, love you too!"
"Anyone seen my helmet?"
"Hanging there. Is your bag packed for today?"
"You were packing last night. Did you get it done?"
"Yes. I think so."
"I love you."
"You too, bye!"
"Bye... where are my shoes??"
"There. Go."
....... "Are they gone? Can I play my song for you?"

I saw an ad for a Zen alarm clock the other day, one of those which wakes you gently with gentle light and bird sounds. I thought HA!!! Wouldn't that be nice?


Sounds like sweet music to me!

Happy new year to you, Nan! Hope all is well!
aclare said…
Heee hehee...

D'you know I was actually visioning that whole scene and could picture it as it was happening.

I've had the opportunity to sit and listen to similar, if more rudimentary, chatter as the 2 grands get ready for school and my daughter tries to keep her sanity. As a mother of 1, it made my head spin. By the end I was laughing out loud!
Nan Sheppard said…
Ailis, I bet you could tell who said what, too :)
Anonymous said…
Ah, that sounds familiar!
And speaking of mice, I'd be happy to drop-ship you a pair or dozen or hundred if you'd like!
The Mother said…
Sounds like a normal conversation with teenagers.
Nan Sheppard said…
Green Girl, freeze 'em and send 'em over!
Anonymous said…
I have been playing mind games.
These days, after I have packed them all off, I need to go back under the covers for 10 minutes (any longer and I face traffic)before heading off to work. One day, some day my body will believe that it has languidly risen from a nice long rest and is all gung-ho to face the rest of the day :)

Miranda said…
Wow love the dialogue. Didn't find max in it though? Was remembering Sam telling me how Chas leaves him behind as they ride to school and how he's a crazy cyclist! So glad they wear helmets.