Definitely Solar-Powered...

Well it's been sunny! I've had a miraculous recovery. Your advice definitely helped, O my beloved readers. Comments rock here!

Lou mentioned nakedness, naturally. Any excuse.
The Mother, who is back at work full time and would like nothing better that a day on the sofa, was unimpressed with my plight.
Green Girl said to revel in it.
Vicki channelled the wise cookie sages.
Womagwriter gave me a deadline, which always works for me.
My sister said it's the time of year. All very well for her, who's going to a spa for the weekend with her husband :)
And Chennette is worried about the 14th sock.

Certainly puts things in perspective, no?

Max is writing a story, and would like some advice. You can see it here, and give him some feedback.

I do have a deadline... the Spring newsletter is looming. Aaaargh! I'll write invoices today, anyway. I'm having a coffee morning here on Monday, and hoping to find a willing minion or two to delegate to. Coffee morning minions have babies, though, which makes it difficult. SEND ME A MINION, UNIVERSE! One who is organized, has their own microsoft publisher license and plays well with others. Oh, and make sure that Miira gets back from Finland in one piece, cuz I need her analytical researcher's brain. Thank you.


Anonymous said…
psssst...have you noticed that the parents always 'get it' in the stories that they make up. It's like they sneak in that red Star Trek uniform into the baby bag as we leave the maternity ward.

Or is it only my kids that are psychos :*
Anonymous said…
p.s. tried making a comment on Max's site but no anonymous allowed. So pass this on will you:

Is so not doomed! If he can slay the Snorbit then he can take those old Grarflunks easy peasy! (Of course he'll have to find his shoes first, since they snuck off when he was eating those melting tadpoles).