Guitar Surgery

We've got a sick guitar! Some people might say "And how many guitars do you guys have now, anyway?" And to that we say "You can never have enough guitars." And some people would say "HOW many?" And to that we say "mumblemumblemumble." My Dad and I bought Sean this great Alhambra flamenco guitar in London five years ago, and it needs surgery... some urgent, and some cosmetic. So today we went to visit Lee, a luthier in Christchurch.

Lee's workshop is a craftsman's dream...
Lee has been building guitars all his life, but in recent years he just does repairs, mostly. You can buy a really good guitar now, hot off the factory production line, for very little money. So you won't get many craftsmen building guitars, spending a year in planing, gluing and loving. Who'd spend enough to make it worthwhile?
On our way home, we popped into a store and, um, bought another guitar. Cuz you can never have enough. Or, as Sean says, "At least it's not wimmen, babe. Or yachts."


Yeah, it's True.A selection of Guitars is like having lots of different stuff in the Fridge. At all times.
But, what happened to the Alhambra?
Hopefully it comes through the surgery just fine, and gets to Hum again soon.

(er, um, what did you buy???)

Nan Sheppard said…
Hey Dad! The Alhambra has slight warping from moving climates, a mystery buzz, and would like some snazzy new machine heads. The new baby is a French make, Lag, Four Seasons Summer Series... Plug in nylon. It's not much unplugged, but gorgeous plugged in, and very playable. Wide wide neck and super action. You'll love it!
Sraah-Jane said…
Ha ha ha. You guys are the best!! Can't wait to get together to share some tunes!
The Mother said…
My hubby is only a part-time guitar enthusiast, but he would LOVE that workshop!
Wacky Mommy said…
Steve would find Nirvana in that repair shop. ahhhhhhhh... Here's what we were dancing to this morning, you'll love it (Oscar D'Leon, Mata Siguaraya, if the link doesn't work):
Anonymous said…
well, should it break down stateside, I know a guy who builds guitars. He's quite well known.
And yes, guitars and guys always equal getting girls.
Anonymous said…
Married a piano man to correct my genetic defect. Kids born with his gift and the long fingers necessary too. Mine are short and strong but totally musically challenged.
Oh how I envied those spanish guitarists, I wanted to slide and flirt and skip playfully all over those frets too. My fumbling digits just entangled themselves and collapsed into fits of laughter whenever I tried. Traitors!

However, owing to eons of free diving years, I CAN hold a note longer than everybody.
Not that I or anyone I know can recognise that note exactly :)