I'll just sit here and whine about it, ok?

I've been hideously lazy. My excuses:

It's cold.
The TV is distracting. (when sean is on leave, we have tv. the rest of the time, it's unplugged.)
Sean is here so we're lazing together.
It's January.
Staying up too late parked in front of great English TV.
And surfing the net a LOT. Reading new blogs. Finding out that there's really a lot of crap out there.
Feeling tired and resentful in the morning.
So I don't get moving properly at all.
Getting fat.
Not even blogging.
Ignoring the kids, who are perfectly happy about it but getting behind in homework and stuff.
Eating junk.
Too much to do, where do I begin?
I'll start when Sean goes back to work.

Isn't that silly? Isn't it time for me to get a grip? I mean really. This morning I picked up 13 socks from the floor. And it was like "WHY are there 13 socks strewn all over the house? Why are the supper dishes still in the sink?" Duh, because you have been slobbing out on the sofa, that's why!

I'm not alone am I? Someone inspire me, please!


Unknown said…
It's just because it's Winter - the days are short, there isn't enough Sun, you're probably not getting enough Vitamin D (At the latitude of Southern England, in Winter, you could stand outside ALL DAY, NAKED, IN THE SUN and STILL not make enough Vitamin D) and to top it all off, it's cold. And let's face it - it is much more pleasant to try to find ways to stay cool than it is to wrap one's self up and become a Snow Bunny.
Anonymous said…
Revel in it. seriously. Sometimes I do this very thing and then I snap out of it like a maniac and am back to my energetic self. Give it a week.
Anonymous said…
When the cookie jar comes to ye, indulge for soon the cookies are taken away once again and the pain of this is lessened by the lingering taste of chocolate chips.


Going all metaphorical on you here ;)
Kath McGurl said…
Give yourself a deadline. An article targetted at a new market by the weekend. Come on, what're you waiting for?
aclare said…
It must be the month. I was plugging in my 200th phone record to discover why it won't just go away like good little record and I had that thought of "surely there MUST be something better in life." Ho hum... I need inspiration too!
Nan Sheppard said…
thanks, y'all! you are wise and wonderful.
Chennette said…
I'd be wondering about the 14th sock... :-)
Anonymous said…
I can sympathise - I feel the same. I think it's the time of year. (January is definitely the worst month of the year!). This will make you feel better: MY CHRISTMAS TREE IS STILL UP! (please don't start telling me about all the bad luck! It's not still decorated, so maybe it doesn't count?!).
Why don't you try moving to a different place to write? I've just cleared my old desktop PC from the spare bedroom and I'm sitting here now with my laptop, looking out at the birds in the garden. I'm feeling better already! Helen
Oh, you sound like me or I sound like you or whatever...it's winter. my worst time of productivity. you are not alone, friend across the sea.
Today I put chocolate in my coffee. That seemed to help :)