Le Happy Sigh...

I've got my famileee back, and it's all sunny in Bournemouth, and I got a new camera for Christmas.

AMAZING camera! watch out for stunning shots!

We spent the rainy part of the weekend in Putney, building jigsaws and playing chess and watching the rain pour down, and having marathon sleeps... Winner: SAM with an untouchable sixteen hours of solid snoring. I woke him up by singing a song that went "Oooh, buttery bagels, I love 'em, and sizzling sausages, sausages, sausageeees!"

The boys have been telling us all about their holiday. Now they are catching up on homework, revising for a test, and making beautiful music. Santa brought them all a great Yamaha Keyboard, the big brother of one we had before and left in Trinidad.

I need to go to the grocery and stock up!


Chennette said…
happy New Year Nan! Enjoy the music and the boy-related noise :-)
Anonymous said…
YAY! So happy you are happy;)