Reposting, cuz we miss our cat

O Cat, you were Lord of the Manor here for many years.

You were amazingly patient and gentle with babies and toddlers, even the tail-pulling kind.

You were an intuitive acupuncturist.

You displayed a keen interest in maths homework, peering over shoulders and nudging pencils helpfully.

You hated Flea Treatment Day, and gave me the dirtiest looks I have ever seen. Quite rightly, of course.

You took taking pills to a whole new level. Oh boy.

If anyone got into the hammock, you would get in too. Then you would make yourself so hot and uncomfortably amorous that the person would be forced to get out and leave you there alone, where you would remain curled up for hours. I know you did this on purpose, since getting into a limp hammock alone is impossible for one without thumbs. Even a genius such as yourself.

You enjoyed knocking down wine glasses, head butting the pantry door until it opened and helping yourself, and lying in the middle of a stalled jigsaw puzzle.

You appreciated Chess with your whole body.

You always shared a bed with whoever was snuggliest at the time.

You loved bedtime story-time, especially the Tales of Beatrix Potter, but for daytime reading you preferred a good heavy Biography.

You were particularly helpful when adding your personal touch to unfinished works of art.

You beat up several dogs, and put them in their places.

You had the most beautiful golden stripey coat, and you knew it.

When a new kitten came to live with us, you ignored her regally until she proved her upright demeanour.

You were a constant and loving companion for many years, and we will miss you very much. We know that you are in a good place now, no longer suffering and cross. There is a cat-shaped place in our home and in our hearts that will never be filled.

Farewell, warm and furry friend. 


Unknown said…
In remembrance, I will sit here and hum the title tune from the broadway show "Cats". Memories. Or, as my kids used to say it, "Mam'ries".

(I think they inherited that from me.)
Kath McGurl said…
Aw, there's nothing like a cat as a pet.
I could send LuLu for youall.
She seems to have a Suitor, these days.
One of those Raucus, Rowdy, Rascally types.
Hangs around the place wailing songs of Frustration and Testosterone.
Not the Right Sort, if you ask me!
Anonymous said…
we need another cat. She sounded just right.