Thursday Thirteen!

  • Chas will be THIRTEEN tomorrow! He's got style. He's got muscle. He's got armpit hair. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! I am in awe of you.  
  • Sean left for work this morning, and we miss him. See you in a couple of months, LoveChicken!
  • I am listening to sad songs. 
  • I wish I could GPS tag my grandmother. She's as nutty as a fruitcake. 
  • I know forty year-olds who are 'older' than my gran. She's ninety-four. 
  • The weather is CRAP. But my vase of tulips is lovely. 
  • Asparagus is good.
  • Sam says that bagels are a world-changing invention. 
  • I'm going to the Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre this morning, to contemplate nothing. 
  • And I'm starting the Yoga Journal 21 Day Challenge, which actually started 2 weeks ago but I've been saving up the lessons. Check it out! I love Yoga Journal magazine, even though the ads can be a little "Buy these products for instant Nirvana!" I think it's a great magazine. 
  • It's so hard to find a decent slip-in photo album! I need new ones, because rainforest damp got into them and some of the photos are ruined. It's so nice going through photos!
  • I have nothing to read. Suggestions Welcome. 
  • Good home wanted for lively female hamster. We have two, and they are not getting along. 

      And there I was thinking I had nothing to say! Happy Thursday everyone!

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      i beati said…
      That flowers in the house is all important I have many and soon with more bulbs

      yes some people do get old before their time..loved this post!!
      Petits Bonheurs said…
      i'd take your hamster, but it seems we live too far away. i've been thinking about buying one.
      Unknown said…
      Suggestion: The Fig Eater by Jody Shields.

      A strangely fascinating book, loosely based on the famous case study of Freud's young patient, Dora. (In which, by the way, he got everything wrong.)
      Anonymous said…
      Nice list. Happy Thursday.
      Xakara said…
      Lovely. Pass along birthday wishes!

      {{{Nothingness Contemplating Vibes}}}

      Happy TT,

      The Clockwork Courtesan
      Virginia said…
      Happy birthday wishes!

      Good luck with the yoga :)
      aclare said…
      1. Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chas! We will sort out a card for him but it will probably be late! You know me!!

      2. There was a buddy system for the elderly which helps track the elderly. I thought about it but then dismissed it b/c she'll take it out of her bag and ask what it is 190000 times a day and try to give it away convinced it is not her's!

      3. We'll have your hampster!

      4. I'm reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - very exciting. I also have a book that you might enjoy v. funny.

      5. Hobby Craft or WH Smith have great Albums.


      Lastly happy THURSDAY 13! Tomorrow is Friday!
      Alice Audrey said…
      I've got all kinds of reading suggestions, if you really want some.
      Anonymous said…
      Tulips! Asparagus! Is it spring there?
      Many happy returns to your boy.
      Your life is so full--your gran sounds swell and if you figure out what to wear, let me know.
      Mercy said…
      LOL @ #3, what a crack up. Happy T13!
      Pearl said…
      the oldest people seem to be in mid-life. once you're past the average life span, you've lived well and are just glad to be on this side of the grass. mid-life you fret too much about cutting it.

      would I be a total salesman if I suggested you read my book? It's contemporary poetry.
      kandyblossom said…
      Happy Birthday to your Chas!

      Your Grandmother sounds like an awesome woman.

      Tulips and asparagus are two of my favorite things one can grow. 11 y/o started reading the Sisters Grimm series and now the whole family is laughing our way through them. My 13 y/o is reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I've read the first two and so far we like them a lot. Hubby is reading the Circle series by Ted Dekker. He is enjoying it quite a bit.
      Sally-Ann said…
      Happy Birthday to Chas! Were I at home I would have Jimmy sing him Happy Birthday ... He sings like me, not well but with joy!
      Love you guys!
      Nan Sheppard said…
      Thank you all! And HI, Thursday Thirteeners, I had no idea there were so many of you :)

      Party day today!
      Happy birthday, Chas! And reading suggestion: "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. I loved it after I got through the depressing first chapter.
      The WV is supersa- I think it has to do with a new dance in Trini's Carnival!
      The Mother said…
      Isn't nothing exactly what you're supposed to meditate on?
      Diane and Chad said…
      great positive book to read is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben
      Target has great photo albums...totally agree about browsing albums..I've got 35!! Since I started blogging I've gone through them looking for pics for particular much fun.
      come visit if you'd like:
      Kath McGurl said…
      Book suggestion - if you haven't read The Help yet (Kathryn Stockett) then you have a treat ahead of you.
      LOVE tulips and asparagus.

      As for a good read, I just finished 'The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks' and it was AWESOME. Now I am reading 'The other Wes Moore' which seems equally as promising.

      However, if you are not into non-fiction probably give em a miss.