Brasso Seco's Cocoa Palace, Adventure Hiking and Family Unplugging. A Review!

This beautiful converted cocoa house house is perched on a mountainside above the village of Brasso Seco, surrounded by forests and streams with birdsong to wake you in the morning.

The house sleeps 10 with a double bedroom downstairs and a dormitory upstairs. It is self catering with a thatched kitchen and gas or wood firing options for cooking.  You need only bring your sheets and towels.  It is a serious option for stargazers, photographers and birdwatchers and there are guided hikes available from Brasso Seco to lovely waterfalls.  Meals can be catered in the village by arrangement.

If you would like to unplug, or want to take your family to a truly beautiful natural place where the rainforest is nearby and accessible, you will find Brasso Seco the perfect vacation place. Experienced guides will show you the beauty of the forest, whether you are a serious researcher, a relaxed hiker, or an adventurous family with active kids.

My own children thrive when we holiday in Brasso Seco, whether they are hiking, building, observing or just lying around wishing they had internet!

For more information please contact Kelly at trinidadkelly at hotmail dot com or Brian at brianofarrell5 at hotmail dot com. You may also leave a comment here if you have any questions.

Visit the Brasso Seco Village Eco-Tourism Website for more.

For tours further afield and more about Trinidad's rainforest and adventure holidays, visit Caribbean Discovery Tours.

This is tourism with a conscience. Learn, grow and see your ecotourist dollar encourage conservation.


Unknown said…
"I wanna go back,
to my little grass shack ...."

I REALLY would love to go back - maybe even spend a lovely Tuesday in the Botanical Gardens, painting. With one brush. Poorly.
Anonymous said…
Someday....some day
Nice post! I was so lucky to visit this lovely place a few times in my 2 months staying with Kelly who, as you know, lives down the hill. Had great times with your folks there, too. I may be biased, but Carl Fitzjames' tours are truly amazing. He knows so much about the rain forest environment and the creatures therein. His passion (and your parents, too) is to conserve it sustainably for the next 7 generations. May they succeed.
Nice one, Cereal!
And thanks for the Plug.
Heading up there on Friday to prepare for 16 Bat People from England!
Do they wear long capes and have strange-looking teeth?
Will let you know...
Anonymous said…
Nice place. Just wrote Kelly for more info.

Vicki said…
This is so funny cause Kessa has been telling me for the past week that we need to take a trip to the Amazon rain forest and I have been agreeing with her 100%, of course. It's all just teasing, but THIS? would be perfect!
The Mother said…
That's a lovely vacation spot. I'm jealous.