I Take Back All The Nice Things I Said About Spring

Spring? TRICKS us into washing our coats and putting them away, gives us a false sense of sunniness, and then RAINS on us. Coldly. Melancholy-ly.

*Sigh*, I am actually speechless with dejection.


Oh, it will come back.
Unknown said…
"Though April showers, may come your way,
They bring the flowers, that bloom in May" or so the song goes. I think.

Although cold rain in England is fairly different than the soft showers of Trinidad.
Anonymous said…
Hm, sounds a lot like spring in Wisconsin--we get jerked around by Mother Nature SO MUCH. It explains why we get drunk so often, though.
Candygirlflies said…
Spring is like a bad boyfriend, who says, "I'll call you!"

...and then leaves you hanging for weeks on end.

I scoured our mudroom yesterday, swept the porch and laid out a fresh, new "Go Away" mat, to the sound of robins chirping!

...then woke up this morning to the sight of MORE SNOW ON THE GROUND.

Wish I could do what the groundhog does, and just go back to bed till it's all over.

xoxoxo CGF