New York!

I just want to say that all that fabulous weather we had in NY last week? That was me. Hottest day of the year so far? A birthday present. Not that I wouldn't have had a great time, even if it was sleeting, but the gorgeous weather just made a wonderful holiday COMPLETELY awesome. We were staying in Morristown, which is an hour from Penn Station on the train, and nearly every day while Sean was studying I hopped on that train and just wandered the streets of the city like a TRUE tourist, taking pictures and getting lost briefly... it's easy to find yourself again though, with the streets all numbered.
There were so many cool things to see! I went to the Folk Art Museum, which is next to MoMA and completely distracted me. I stayed so long, I never got to MoMA. I went to the Metropolitan Museum, and wandered for a whole day, agog. I took pictures. I met my cousin Ryan on my birthday (Which was on March 15th, you may send me chocolate at any time though) and he took me for a great lunch where we had to ROLL ourselves out the door afterwards.

On St. Patrick's Day, Ryan and I met up again, and went to see the parade... but couldn't get close! Throngs of people in green were packing the streets. So we went to a bar, where we met Ryan's girlfriend Siobhan, announced "We are O'Connors and we can prove it! Give us free Guinness!" And they did!

What a beautiful city, on a sunny day! I want to go back. The shopping was tempting, but I restrained myself admirably I thought... I must have walked a hundred miles over the course of the week, but I still had to wear stretchy pants to come home! I ate A LOT, and much more meat than I'm used to. I mean, I'm not going to go all the way to New York and eat VEGETABLES, right?

Central Park is great, I love the glacier-gouged rocks everywhere.

Times Square! When Sean had a day off on Sunday, we went straight to Times Square early in the morning. It was quiet! Within a few hours, there were people everywhere. We watched it happen, walked another hundred miles, and ate enough food to feed a family for a week in the Hard Rock Cafe.

I am home again, eating sensibly, catching up on work and taking care of my family. Ailis, you are the best sister in the world for baby-and-granny-sitting! But I want to go back soon... now, how can I arrange that :) ?


Unknown said…
I don't know when or how you'll get back to New York - but you let me know if you do. And Sean, too. I'll try my very best to be there, as well. If, that is, it's okay. I mean, I wouldn't want to intrude. Well...I would, actually, but only if told it's okay to intrude.
Nan Sheppard said…
Lou, we'd love to meet up there, or anywhere! Hope all is well with you!
We were there two weekends city ever!
Since I actually lived in NYC, I'm so glad you enjoyed this remarkable city. I'm sure the boys are pleased to have you home. Don't forget Italy for future ramblings!
Anonymous said…
So glad you had such a fantastic time :) Happy Belated.
Ndinombethe said…
Happy belated birthday special lady. Thought of you fondly tramping around NYC. Missing you tons. Must meet up in August! Will arrange closer to the time. mwah.
The Mother said…
I love NYC. So much cool culture. Not at all like the deep South.