I was out and about all day today, riding my bike to get Margo's pills and go to the library, and walking to the grocery for a mega-shop, heading back in a taxi with seventy bags of stuff. The trees are flowering, pink and yellow and white. Everywhere I went, people were HAPPY! and SMILING! and saying,

"Hello! Isn't it a nice day?!" 

The weather man says, it won't last. We are all skipping about in strappy numbers and flip-flops, praying that it does.

My friend Shelly-Anne has a website that will make you drool. Head over to Simply Edible and give her some luuuurve! If you're looking for delicious cakes and baked awesomeness in Trinidad, she's your gal.

That is all. I'm going out to bring my nice, sweet-smelling laundry in. Sending Springy thoughts to all of you who are still in the grips of Slush-ter. Spring is coming your way!


Unknown said…
Spring is in fact HERE. It's just that it's filled with leftover refrigerant from the previous resident - making our area something of a refrigerator.
Yes, it is a nice day! Love all the flowering trees and yummy warm sun. Planted my begonias today.
aclare said…
I keep trying to get Shelly-Anne over here. She would make a bucket load!! Perhaps between the two of us we can convince her and her cakes to come over!! Mmmmmm.....

Oh and by the way it is just torture to look at those cakes before breakfast!!
The Mother said…
We went from winter to summer. In three weeks from the worst freeze in Houston's history, we were hitting nearly 90 in the day (Fahrenheit).