WWF Earth Hour! Turn Your Lights Out!

Tonight, if EVERYONE switches their lights off, imagine how pretty the sky will look! People and businesses in Sydney, Australia began celebrating Earth Hour in March 2007, the movement went global in 2008 and David Cameron calls it "A huge symbol of global solidarity."

Go to the WWF Home Page for more, or search facebook for your local news and photos.

Don't be the only one with your lights on!

The boys and I are crying with laughter over this! Anyone who's lived in the tropics can relate!

Once you've turned all your lights off, including outdoor security lights, go outside and look at the stars.


I had this happen with bats in Jamaica! Lights off- let's give it a try.
Nan Sheppard said…
Our lights were off... but the kids (and friends) decided to build a campfire, so not sure how that worked out, carbon-footprint-wise!
The Mother said…
I don't mind turning off the lights. It's the TV that we can't live without. Is that cheating?