My Computer is Working, A Newt, and Spring!

Sean changed my laptop screen, following instructions on YouTube. YAY! I knew it wouldn't be too difficult, because I've watched the Dell guys do it here when we had damage that was covered by warranty. (Hint: if you stand on your open laptop screen, that's not covered by your hardware warranty.) Anyway, IT WORKS! Thank you amazing husband!

Yesterday was Mothers' Day in the UK, so I lolled on the sofa and accepted gifts of chocolate, foot rubs, tea, toast and omelette from my industrious children. They also remembered to tidy up after themselves AND told me I was wonderful. They are so well trained! Later we all went to see 'Rango' which was really good, and I recommend it, especially if you liked 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. Johnny Depp is amazing! Then we walked in the park and the boys climbed trees while Sean and I had tea and watched a nearby tennis match, very peaceful. The trees are getting leaves and flowers, daffodils are everywhere.

On the way home, we found a newt, who had finished hibernating and was trying to get to water via a busy road. We brought him home and did lots of newt-oriented research. Found out that he is a 'she', and named her 'Moist Lipwig'. I was hoping that everyone would go to bed early, but Moist thought that was a bad idea so everyone stayed up making a perfect home for her out of Schrödinger the snake's old terrarium, which he has outgrown because he is GETTING HUGE. Schrödinger now lives in a fabulous mansion with RUNNING WATER, if you please. Chas has pictures on his blog here.

This morning, Moist is looking much more perky, and soon she will be released back into the wild but not here near the roads. We will probably make a trek to Hengistbury Head, which Chas says is more Newty.

Spring is definitely coming! Keep thinking Springy thoughts, and hang in there!


The Mother said…
Moist Lipwig, eh?

(Silently wondering how many people will get that).

We changed out a screen on an old G5 iMac using instructions on you tube. Well, actually my computer savvy son did. I handed him screwdrivers. FUN!

Glad you have your life back.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a perfect weekend! Working laptop, spoiled by your kids, springy weather. Yay for you!
Nan Sheppard said…
The Mother, you can count on my kids for giving their pets very obscure names that most people won't get... they read too much!

And it's another VERY Springy day here! T-Shirts! Yay!
Unknown said…
I'm so glad YOU'RE enjoying Spring. And I'm so glad your computer works now. (Well done, Sean) BUT. One of hte things about Chas's blog is that mambers only are allowed to comment - which makes it hard to encourage him to blog - if no one comments - which one cannot do unless one is a member - which one, in this case, is not.
Unknown said…
p.s. I get it.
Nan Sheppard said…
I'll let Chas know!