Spring into Summer

Well. It was Winter, but all week we've had scorching days and boiling nights, with all the windows open hoping for a breeze. I'm not complaining! But the poor daffodils, who bravely sprung a few weeks ago and gave us hope that winter was over, they are all shrivelled and crisped up, baked and brown. The bluebells are in a panic of "Flower!" and by lunchtime they, too, and droopy and exhausted.

This family is feeling droopy too. We have had a wonderful Easter Holiday, racing out upon adventures because IT MIGHT NOT LAST, getting our sunburn on before the (usually) inevitable English Holiday Rain. The Easter Bunny came on Friday, because Sean went back to work and Charlotte and Venus went back to London on Friday evening. Yesterday the boys and I went downtown to do some chores and play mini golf and watch the duck races in the park. I was rooting for yellow duck number 518, but it didn't win! I love that every time we go to Bournemouth's Lower Gardens, there is some mad fun thing going on. I also love that you can go to the upper gardens for peace and a genteel cup of tea while you watch the tennis players. I love this town!

So today, while everyone else is eating chocolate, we will clean the house and get ready to go back to school and stuff. And we'll eat chocolate too, because there is tons of it.

As Inspector Clouseau would say, "I 'ope ze weazer conteenues zees fine."

How is ze weazer where you are? Have you overdosed on chocolate yet?


After our stretch of sunny and lovely weather we have drizzle and mid to upper 60's today. Supposed to clear this afternoon which would be nice for our Easter dinner for 7 far from homers (including us). It will be fun no matter what. Buona Pasqua! Hugs to all.
The Mother said…
Hot and sunny enough to wear a hat--and windy enough to have trouble keeping it on.
Nan Sheppard said…
Looks like our good weather might continue... Hopefully for the Royal Wedding as well!
Unknown said…
No chocolate, but and excellent day yesterday and not too bad today.

Happy Easter, all you Sheppards!!