Things I've Found in Holiday Pockets

Black Cretaceous Mud,
Iron Pyrites,
Sandwich Crusts,
Camera Lens Cover,
Spare Battery.

Snack Wrappers,
More Sand,
Interesting Rocks, one heart-shaped.
Less Interesting Rocks,
Rocks that MIGHT be interesting.

And Happiness.

What have you got in your pockets?


Unknown said…
"What have you got in your pockets?" Yet another failed lottery ticket.
Driver's License.
5 bucks.
Business card from a woman I met who claimed to be a blogger but I think she may be a hooker.
Nan Sheppard said…
You could write a story about her, Lou!
Anonymous said…
HOW cool to find those! My pockets? Lint, candy wrappers, bubblegum wrappers, Lego bits, a nerf bullet and a former grape now a raisin.
Your kids even have interesting pocket stuff! What great kids.
Nan Sheppard said…
Yes, this has been a particularly cool week so far, pocket-wize!
Unknown said…
Great photos Nan. Congrats on the fossil finds. Very cool idea. In my pockets: Sucker Punch Movietowne Ticket stub, lint, Lotto numbers which I'd forgotten about. Played then for tonight's draw of course :p
The Mother said…
I found an (empty) tube of superglue. AFTER I ran it through the laundry.